Academic Supervision

1. PhD Students

Current students:

  • Sebastijan Sekulić, Exploring the effect of location and environment on human mobility flows with Big Data Analytics
  • Corallie Hunt, Blue carbon in Scottish coastal waters (UD second supervisor)
  • Beate Zein, Modelling geomagnetic bird navigation
  • Mary Abed al Ahad, Climate Change, Air Pollution and Ethnic Inequalities in Health: Analysis and Projection Based on Longitudinal Register Data from Scotland (UD second supervisor)
  • Peter Dorey, Application of Multilevel Analysis to Study Individual and Contextual Determinants of Fertility (UD second supervisor)

Graduated students:

  • Dr Solène Marion, Investigating human-wildlife interaction in Scottish Highlands (PhD 2021)
  • Dr Vanessa Brum Bastos, New Methods and Applications for Context Aware Movement Analysis (CAMA) (PhD 2018). Previously Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Arizona State University.
  • Dr Jaakko Madetoja (UD external supervisor), Aalto University, Finland. Propagation of uncertainty through spatial statistics methods. (PhD 2018)
  • Dr Katarzyna Siła-NowickaUsing GPS Trajectories For Further Understanding of Spatial Behaviour (PhD 2016). Currently Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the University of Auckland.
  • Dr Zhang Zhe (UD external supervisor), Aalto University, Finland. Computational Methods in Supporting Spatial Decision Making (PhD 2016). Currently Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University.
  • Dr Tommy Burke, Evaluation of Visualisations of Geographically Weighted Regression, with Perceptual Scalability (PhD 2015).
  • Dr Kazi Isthiak Ahmed, Acoustic data optimisation for seabed mapping with visual and computational data mining (PhD 2012).
  • Peter Foley, Using Geovisual Analytics to investigate the performance of Geographically Weighted Discriminant Analysis (MSc by Research, 2012).

2. Postdoctoral researchers:



  • Dr Fernando Benitez, University of St Andrews, Modelling geomagnetic bird navigation
  • Dr Iain Dillingham, University of St Andrews, Visual analytics of flows
  • Dr Gavin McArdle, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Clustering and Analysis of Movement Data (trajectories).
  • Dr Paul Harris, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Combining Visualisation with Spatial Statistics & Improving Seabed Classification from Acoustic Sonar Data