Space Time Densities Code

Here you can download the code to calculate the Stacked Space-Time Densities around trajectories. Code is provided in both R and Matlab.

* Note that these are zip archives, but can’t be downloaded from here as such and have therefore been renamed as pdfs. Therefore, download the file and change the extension into .zip to be able to unpack the contents:

SpaceTimeDensity StackedSpaceTimeDensities-R * (updated 22 Nov 2016)

StackedSpaceTimeDensities-Matlab *

The code is is provided free and to be used as is (no support will be given), but please, cite the following paper if you use the code:

Demšar U, Buchin K, van Loon EE and Shamoun-Baranes J, 2014, Stacked space-time densities: a geovisualisation approach to explore dynamics of space use over time. GeoInformatica, Advanced Online Publication.

You will also need a volumetric visualisation system to visualise the resulting density – I recommend Voxler.

Please, let me know if you use the code and how you used it – I would be delighted to hear about it.