From 2009 to 2013 I was active in a European COST Action MOVE – Knowledge discovery from moving objects. This was a Europe-wide research network supported by COST – European Cooperation on Science and Techonology.

The aim of MOVE was to bring together research disciplines that  collect, analyse or visualise movement data, in particular trajectories of moving objects. Our work was structured in four working groups and I was acting as co-leader of WG4 on Visual Analytics and Cognitive Issues.

The action succeeded to bring together researchers that would otherwise have never have met: on one hand there were researchers who collect movement data, such as movement ecologists, architects, urban planners, etc. On the other hand we had geoinformaticians, computational geometrists and computer scientists who specialise in analysing and visualising movement data. This resulted in unusual interdisciplinary collaborations and many successful projects -here is a list of MOVE highlights.

My own project in MOVE was a collaboration with a computational geometrist and with movement ecologists who track seabirds – we developed a new visualisation method to display dynamics of home range in 3D space. Here is a short video presenting our work:



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