A new paper on eye-mouse movement analytics

Check this out, a new paper in PloS One by myself and Arzu Çöltekin:

Quantifying gaze and mouse interactions on spatial visual interfaces with a new movement analytics methodology, PLoS ONE 12(8): e0181818.

Is there a connection between the movement of the gaze and the movement of the mouse when you are using a spatial display on your computer screen?

To answer this, we develop a new movement analytics methodology to quantify the level of interaction between the gaze movement and the movement of the mouse cursor on the screen. We evaluate the method on a data set from a bespoke experiment where we collect eye and mouse tracking data from participants tracing geometric forms on the screen.

This work was supported by an international exchange grant from The Royal Society.



Keynote address at GIS Ostrava 2017

GISOstrava_UD_KeynoteLast week I gave a keynote address at the International Symposium GIS Ostrava 2017 on “Dynamics in GIScience”. My talk was on “Visual movement analytics in a 3D conceptual space” and was well suited to the other two keynotes, the first one by Prof Tao Cheng (UCL) on movement analytics for crime and police management and the second one by Dr Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka (University of Glasgow) on big urban data and movement analytics.

The symposium was extremelly well organised by Dr Igor Ivan and his team from the Technical University of Ostrava and was full of very interesting presentations.

Photo by GIS Ostrava team.