GIScience conference

GIScience conference is one of the two biennial conference series that Geoinformatics researchers participate in (the other being the biennial Geocomputation series which alternates years with GIScience). This year, St Andrews Geoinformatics researchers will have a large presence at GIScience in Vienna, both at the pre-conference workshops and at the conference itself.

Here is where you can find us – welcome to our presentations!


Workshop on Analysis of Movement Data:

here we will have two presentations. I will talk about the following:

  • Demšar U and Çöltekin A: Quantifying the interactions between eye and mouse movements on spatial visual interfaces through trajectory visualisations.

My colleague Jed Long will also present here:

  • Long J: Kinetic-Based Probabilistic Time Geography in Movement Analysis: Path Interpolation


2nd International Workshop on Eye Tracking for Spatial Research:

My collaborator Arzu Çöltekin will present the following:

  • Çöltekin A, Demšar U, Brychtova A and Vandrol J, Eye-hand coordination during visual search on geographic displays.


And, at the main GIScience conference you can find the following contributions from St Andrews researchers:

  • Demšar U, Reades J, Manley E and Batty M, 2014, Edge-based communities for identification of functional regions in a taxi flow network.
  • Sila-Nowicka K, Oshan T, Vandrol J and Fotheringham S, 2014,  The Use of Volunteered Geographic Information for Spatial Interaction Modelling.
  • Yao J and Fotheringham S. PyGWA: A Python Library for Geographically Weighted Analysis.


Welcome to our presentations!